Thursday, October 13, 2005

Brothers are people too!

This is my deep thought for the day.

Ok, this may sound pretty obvious but brothers are people too. Why am I saying this now? Because I just really learned it, or at least just realized that I really learned it.

My little brother and I used to fight. Alot. We could fight over anything. Things like grabbing something ou of the fridge while someone else had it open were a big deal. We could fight for three hours over something like that. Last year I lived away from my family and only saw them about once every other weekend. Things began to improve between my brother and I. For the most part we got along pretty well.

This year I am living back with my family my brother and I continue to get along great(with the occasional fight). Tonight, while on a crowded bus with fifty other youth I began to think about what had changed over the last year and a half. My little brother had changed, that was for certain... Many people had commented on his newfound maturity. But had I changed? Was he the root of the problem between us, was it him who needed to mature before we could get along? I wonder.

I have always thought of my little brother as, well, a little brother. To me that meant that even though we wouldn't neccesarily get along he was someone I had to live with and would protect at all costs... because he was my brother. But that was it. I thought of a brother as someone you love in spite of the fact that you can't stand them... i didn't realize he was someone that I had the privilege to get to know, an individual. It sounds ridiculous, I know. But I can see no other reason for the way we get along now other than the fact that I now recognize that he is an individual who is unique and has his own life which has meaning. Now I get the chance to get to know him because I am interested in what he has to say, I realize that his emotions matter and treat him as a friend.

And that concludes my deep thought.


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