Friday, October 14, 2005

So, robots are supposed to help us, right?

This week I was helping out in my church with the little kids. They were given some paper and told to draw 'robots'. Instead of nice little robots helping out their neighboors(in a Chrisitan manner) we got what follows.

This one by 'Sarah' is named 'klownbot. The caption reads: "Shuts acid out uv handz. Can flie. Haz gunz in shoos. Made by Sarah. He likes flours" How sweet.

This one is adorable. It was made by little Emily and seems to be some kind of 'killbot' with razor arms, tank-like treads and a rocket launcher on its head. I sure want this kid to grow up to be a Sunday School teacher!

'Trogdor 2' by 'Daisy' is the best of the lot. Notice the flames shooting out of its head andthe word 'eagle' on the flamethrowers? The ice-sword and chain-saw covered in blood seem like good touches. What really pulls it all together is the verse on the bottom: Revelations 2:8 - "And Paul said Trogdor will come to earth and destroy all defilers and burn every second born daughter. All mothers will be sawed to pieces." I sure hope Daisy's mom keeps an eye out for this little stinker!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HEY SAM!!!!!!!!!

Just thought I'd say yo, what up and the likes. ur website/bloggy thingy's "moderately neato" (as my bf'd say)aka, awesome!!! I don't know what else to say, except what up?! And you should know who, the girl who lived with you only when you were home for a month which wasn't that much anyway, but i lived with your brother a lot more than i lived with you, but that's really not saying much as that was again, only a month. Love ya miss ya and canada's freaking cold... come visit

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