Monday, December 12, 2005

No, I'm not flipping you off

It's just that my finger is swollen.

The past few days my middle finger has been a bit stiff and it cracked whenever I bent it. Yesterday it really started hurting and today I woke up to this little beauty. My first thought wasn't "call a doctor(though my dad did make an appointment)" it was "I need to get a picture for my blog!" Now you know where my loyalties lie. Needless to say typing is a bit of a chore. The hardest part is my password - I have had the same one for several years and didn't really know what it was... my fingers would just kind of type it out for me. I freaked out a minute this morning before I finally figured it out by typing it in the air(which hurt about as bad as typing it for real).

My other fingers have started cracking a bit too... I hope it doesn't happen to the rest of them but if it does I'll have to start using that voice recognition software my dad has packed away somewhere.

The top picture looks really disgusting because I didn't straighten it out all the way. My finger isn't that disgusting... yet.


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