Friday, December 09, 2005

not a very good poparazzi

Yesterday my little brother got a tip from two of his classmates who swore that they saw Brad(Pitt) and Angelina(Jolie) at a local hotel... apparently they had just return from relief work in Pakistan. Of course, like idiots, we went, tugging our cameras along. I don't know if we expected them to be sitting in the lobby or what.

We arrive at the hotel and one of my friends calls and wants to talk to my little brother. I hand the phone over to him. "Hello?" he answers, "mhmm. No, serious? At the pool? Oh. my. God. Awesome." He hangs up the phone and starts running full out towards the pool area. My phone rings again... I pick it up and it is the same guy: "umm, your brother hung up a little quick... I was joking." I run and grab him by the shirt as he is trying to convince the guy at the desk to let him into the club area. He goes bright red when I tell him it was a joke.

We meet up with our friends and hang around the hotel for awhile going up and down the elevators waiting for... them. Whenever we see a woman in sunglasses we chase after her, screaming. There must be some pretty freaked out ladies at that hotel right now. They don't show up. New intelligance arrives: one of my brother's friends had made up the whole thing about seeing them. We realize that we have only two choices: tell no one that we had ever been there or call all of our friends and convince them that we saw Brad and Angelina. We take the second option.

After ten minutes of phone calls half the town's population is on the way to the hotel. Apparently the people we contacted called even more people... Someone even called their family in Dubai(2 hours away from here). We had created a rumor monster. We left the hotel and went home, waiting to see if anything would happen. So far we have gotten only 3 angry calls. At least we don't look like idiots, just jerks.

From what my (trustworthy) brother says, apparently Brad and Angelina were really there and one of his friends got a picture. Likely story. If it turns out to be true I'll make sure to post a picture.


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