Thursday, December 15, 2005

She's Back!

Finally, after a month of being gone, my mom is back home from the States. She is a bit ragged and I think it will take some time before she is done grieving for my grandmother but we are glad to have her back.

She brought some Christmas gifts from my family in the States and we opened them last night, because we will be in India over Christmas(more on that later...).

I got:
  • System of a Down: Hypnotize
  • A Napoleon Dynamite T-Shirt with a picture of a Liger on it.
  • another t-shirt
  • a cool jacket
  • crocs(the ugliest yet supposadley most comfortable shoes in the world)
  • other stuff that I am too tired to remember

<-------------Finger Update------------->
We went to the doctor about my finger and he asked me all kinds of questions like whether I had been sick recently(no), did I have a family history of arthritis(no) and whether I had injured my finger recently(again no). So they did blood and urine tests(it kind of got me wondering whether it is hard for girls to pee in a cup) and took some x-rays. It freaked me out a bit cuz I thought I might have something serioud. Fortuneately all the tests came back negative, but I still don't know what is wrong. The swelling went down for a day, then back up, and now it is down again. Strange.


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